Proceedings of The National Conference on Undergraduate Research


The National Conferences on Undergraduate Research began at UNC Asheville in 1987. After the first NCUR, many participants expressed interest in a conference publication, and UNC Asheville assumed the role of editing and publishing this document as the host for the second conference. When the conference moved to Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas in 1989, the Board agreed to allow UNC Asheville to continue published the conference document. This agreement has continued to this day. The NCUR Governing Board appoints the Proceedings' editor. Prior to 1991 Kathy Whatley was the editor, and after NCUR '91, Bob Yearout assumed this role. The Proceedings has grown since its inception to a collection of over 350 papers contained on one CD. The Proceedings has become a semi-self supporting enterprise.

Required Information Needed For Publication



What is the probability that my paper will be published?

The percentage of papers not published is usually around 12-18%. Of that 12-18%, almost one half are "self-rejections" where the student chooses not to submit their revised paper. 

When will the Proceedings be available?

The published Proceedings will be available in the Fall.

May I submit my paper to other journals or publications?

Yes. The Proceedings are not copy written.

Why should I submit a paper?

  • Resume-entry for graduate school or career positions.
  • Feedback on your article from faculty outside your institution.
  • First step in publishing your research at a professional conference or in a journal.

What are the Proceedings?

Publications of student research papers published annually by the University of North Carolina at Asheville. In conjunction with the NCUR Governing Board. This publication is distributed nationally. This means your research is read throughout the country.

Benefits of submitting a paper include:

  • Review and input from outside of your college or university.
  • Publications can be listed on resources for graduate and professional school
  • Taking the first step in publishing your research

How can I find my paper on the NCUR Proceedings?

The Proceedings has several sort capabilities.

  •  Author
  • University
  • Keywords
  • Discipline

What are the deadline dates?

Dates for students to submit their paper:  January 14 - June 15, 2021

Papers will not be accepted after June 15, 2021

Proceedings Contact Information

Important Submission Dates & Ordering Information

Electronic Paper Submission: January 14 - June 15, 2021

All papers must be submitted electronically and uploaded to your profile on

Students ONLY: You will receive a "Call For Papers" email from our office around January 25.  In the email "Call For Papers" there will be a google form link that must be completed with your intent to submit a paper before June 15. This will generate an auto email to you with a username and PIN to create a "My Profile" on the NCUR Proceedings link. The link to the Proceedings site is:

No papers will be accepted after June 15, 2021

Beginning with the 2012 NCUR Proceedings, we will no longer publish a CD of the conference Proceedings. We are now publishing to a open access  online format. Before we publish an abstract or article on line we will obtain permission from the author.

Publication release date will be approximately November 2021.

Payment information for past copies of the Proceedings 2011 - 2000

  • Payment methods: Cash, Check, Money Order
  • Make Checks Payble to: NCUR Proceedings
  • Mail Payment to:

NCUR Proceedings
UNC Asheville
308 Owen Hall, CPO 1810
One University Heights
Asheville, NC 28804

Paper Guidelines

Paper Formatting Guidelines

Example: NCUR Proceedings Formatting Guidelines

Examples of NCUR Proceedings papers   Click on the search button at the top of the page and type in a discipline.

Accessing Your Proceedings Publication

Beginning in 2012, permission to publish NCUR abstracts and articles online was obtained from all authors. Permission from the authors was not obtained prior to 2012. As a result, these articles, while online, are password protected and available to those who purchase a password. The cost of a CD for 2010 or 2011 and to access the online Proceedings with a password is $20.

Years prior to 2010 are available on CD only for a one-time fee of $10.00/CD.

If You Did Not Receive a Username and Password

Please email the NCUR Proceedings office at