The Undergraduate Research Program Advisory Council is needed to provide consistent faculty, student and staff input into the Undergraduate Research Program.

2023-2024 Academic Year URPAC Members

 Megan Powell (Director), Crystal Yau (Program Coordinator), Jonathan Horton (Associate Director), Graham Reynolds (Honors Director), Jon Morris (Library Representative), Britt Lundgren (Science Representative), Eva Hericks-Bares (Humanities Representative), Giovanny Pleites-Hernandez (Social Science Representative)


  • Offer direction for the program.
  • Establish policies and guidelines for grants and activities.
  • Evaluate grant proposals from students and faculty.
  • Seek ways of enhancing the program through increasing financial resources and addressing ways for the program to be recognized on and off campus.
  • Assist in planning, reviewing and critiquing the ongoing activities
  • Approve recognition of students as University Research Scholars or as Departmental Research Scholars


  • Director of Honors Program, ex officio
  • Editor of the NCUR (National Conference on Undergraduate Research) Proceedings, ex officio
  • Director of Undergraduate Research Program, ex officio
  • Associate Director of Undergraduate Research Program, ex officio
  • Program Coordinator of Undergraduate Research Program, ex officio
  • 3 faculty members (one from each major academic area, appointed by FWDC)
  • 1 member of the library staff who holds a teaching position (appointed by FWDC)
  • 4 students (appointed by Director of URPAC in consultation with the Director of the Honors Program.)

Faculty and library staff members will serve two-year, staggered, terms, renewable for two additional terms. Students will serve one-year terms, renewable for one year.

Recommendations to: Director of Undergraduate Research
Reports to: VCAA or his/her designee