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The first issue of the UNC Asheville Undergraduate Research Journal was published in 1988 to disseminate the research findings of UNCA undergraduate students.  The founding editors believed that publication is a vitally important part of the research process from which undergraduate researchers should not be excluded.  Publication of significant, new research results is the natural concluding stage of any successful research project and it also serves as a reward for the student researcher.  By completing the whole cycle of a research project, from the initial identification of a problem and the preparation of a research strategy to the final publication of results, students achieve a much fuller understanding of the process by which knowledge is generated and disseminated.  Moreover, publication of the best student papers also makes significant research findings available to the scholarly community.  The editors also hoped that publication here would provide incentive for student researchers to continue to develop their research projects and, after further refinement, to republish their work in nationally circulated publications.

The Journal considers submissions in any discipline, and articles must embody original research and must contribute new data and/or insights to their field.