University Research Scholar Nominations

The University Research Scholar (URS) designation is awarded to graduating seniors for outstanding performance in undergraduate research.

Candidates for the University Research Scholar designation

  • must have made a presentation at a UNC Asheville Symposium
  • must have published the results of his or her research
  • may submit a paper to URPAC for review instead of publishing
  • must have the endorsement of the faculty research advisor and
  • must have the endorsement of the chair of the department.

If you have a nomination or you should be a nominee for the URS designation please contact URPAC will review the nominations and forward a list of eligible students for this designation at Graduation.

The University Research Scholarship nomination may be submitted by the faculty mentor, research advisor, or department chair.

Faculty Research Advisor’s Endorsement

Must be submitted by the research advisor. The research advisor should send a nomination statement (maximum 300 words) to from their email account and copy the department chair (students graduating department). By April 21, 2023 before 3:00 PM.

Department Chair Endorsement

Send a brief verification that you support the student for this honor. Make sure that your endorsement comes from your email account to By April 21, 2023 before 3:00 PM.