Join us for SCARF this year on April 19, 2024!

Students may apply for the Outstanding Achievement in Creative Activity and Research Award and present their work with a supportive letter of recommendation from their faculty mentor.  We will work with departments to select students to present at the event.  More details on award selection coming soon.  Faculty should encourage outstanding students/projects to apply.

Applications are due on Thursday, March 7, 2024, via the URCAP web portal.


Student Creative Activity & Research Forum (SCARF) is a showcase for students receiving the Outstanding Achievement in Creative Activity & Research Award.

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This special event was held on Friday, April 14, 2023, from 5:00PM – 7:00PM in the Mountain Suites at Highsmith Student Union.  Attendees experienced a wide variety of creative activity and research projects. Creative projects ranging from “Masala Shakespeare” to discovering iconographic links in the 18th century portraits to hearing newly composed music from a 14-student musical ensemble.  Research projects spanning a breadth of interesting subjects including the effects of cell phones on working memory to examining music and its perceived effects on individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder to partisan cheerleading and misinformation.

More than 65% of UNC Asheville students participate in creative activity and research sometime within their undergraduate studies.  The outstanding examples of those students have been nominated by Departmental Chairs to be recognized for this special award. 

Invited to attend this event are faculty, donors, students, prospective students, family members and interested members of the community.  Hors d’oeuvres and light refreshments were served.

See SCARF Abstracts   for Spring 2023 Here

Spring 2023 Projects Included:

Art & Art History

  • Hannah Durham, How did the landscape of southern Appalachia govern life and the characteristics of traditional craft found within the region?
  • Bonnie Elander, Discovering Iconographic Links in a Perpetual Silver Covenant Chain: Eighteenth-Century Portraits of Hodinöhsö:ni׳ Diplomats from British North America


  • Jackson Coker, Gennie Bassett, Role of a dinucleotide signaling molecule in Staphylococcus aureus pathogenesis
  • Cassius Guthrie, Population Dynamics of the Lesser Chestnut Weevil in the Northeastern United States
  • Claudia Prieto Alcaide, Genetic Diversity Within, and Hybridization Between, Two Imperiled North American Pitcher Plants
  • Ari Puentes, Effects of Prescribed Fires on Mycorrhizal Fungal Communities in DuPont State Recreational Forest

Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Vesper Fraunfelter, Heterologous expression of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATP synthase in E. coli to facilitate antibiotic discovery
  • Casey Kellogg, Two-tiered approach to combating antibiotic resistance
  • Bryce Pugh, Development of cleavable antibiotic-adjuvant hybrid compounds for increased accumulation in gram-negative bacteria
  • Sam Shepard, Negative charge disrupts the chemical microenvironment of the H+ exit channel in Escherichia coli ATP synthase

Computer Science

  • Luke Foster, Caleb Styles, Cameron Martensen, Gilbert Matos, and Lake Smith, Fleet Management System
  • Matthew Kothe, uMaxEnt Deep Learning


  • MJ Gamelin, Theatre of Play: Exploring the Intersection Between Drama and Roleplay Gaming
  • Brónagh O’Shea, Elektra Properties Design
  • Maggie Schall, Theatrical Makeup Aging
  • Karoline Lotti, Claudia Sturgell, Abby Gray, Aidan Nigrelli, Scene from Elektra


  • Jacob Diehn, Differences in Category of Immigrant on Economic Assimilation Rates
  • Aubrey Emmett, The End(s) of Economics: Towards a Theological Economics of Eschatology


  • Riley Johnson, Love That Dismembers: Constructing A Subversive Monster Story In “Appetite”
  • Georgina Provencio Martinez, Masala Shakespeare
  • Shelby Sizemore, Hedda’s Pistols and Jane’s Wallpaper: Gender Role Rebellion in Nineteenth-Century Literature

Environmental Studies

  • Andrea Carver, Lights Out! Asheville
  • Joseph Walston, Evaluating Endangered Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia jonesii) Leaf Morphology and Flowering as They Relate to Soil Nutrient Status

Health & Wellness

  • Karlee Fish, The Impact of Income Inequality on Health

Mass Communication

  • Xander Lord, Dana Stewart, Sawyer Serdula, Walker Lezotte, Seth Maile, Luke Beijer, Jane Turlington, Betrayal (short film)

Master of Public Health

  • Irene Ulrich, Gender-Affirming Primary Care: Research and Materials

Mathematics & Statistics

  • Morgan Lancaster, DEI in the Mathematics Classroom
  • Spencer Guess, Wallis’ Method and Wallis Curves


  • Clayton Jordan, Composing Under the Influence: Incorporating the Techniques of my Favorite Musicians in Original Songs 

Political Science

  • Braden Ball, “Stop the Steal” and other Lies: Partisan Cheerleading and Misinformation


  • Morgan Hopkins, Attitudes toward generic singular pronouns in text
  • Alexandria Lahm, A Reddit Post is Worth a Thousand Words: Conspiratorial and Magical Beliefs
  • Caroline Scholer, Examining Music and Its Perceived Effects on Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Laura Searles, The Effect of Smartphones on Working Memory

Sociology & Anthropology

  • Christian Donaldson, THE LANGUAGE OF GRIEF: Autoethnographic Reflections of Loss in American Culture