Spring 2024 Deadlines & Events


Apply for Symposium, Journal, and Grants through the new URCAP web portal!

  • February

  • 2/8 – Spring Academic Year Grant-Student Application* (student proposal template)
  • 2/15 – Spring Academic Year Grant-Faculty Application* (faculty proposal template) AND Faculty Mentor Recommendation for SAY Grant*
  • March

  • 3/7 – Faculty-Driven Summer Grant Application* AND Student SCARF Applications*
  • 3/21 – Student-Driven Summer Grant Application*
  • 3/28 – Spring Symposium Application and Abstract* AND Faculty Mentor Recommendation for Summer Grants*
  • April

  • 4/11 – Spring Journal Initial Submission Due and sent to Faculty Reviewers by Chairs* AND University Research Scholar Nominations for graduates**
  • 4/19 – SCARF @ Highsmith Student Union, time TBD
  • 4/23 – Spring Symposium @ Various Locations (No Day Classes 8:00am to 5:00pm)
  • 4/24 – Spring Journal Reviews Due from Faculty Reviewers*
  • May

  • 5/8 – Final Journal Papers due from Students***
  • Ongoing

  • Travel grant application for student presentation at conferences* (up to $750)
  • Borrow easels and poster boards using the  loan request form at least one week prior to when they are needed.

* Applications are available in the URCAP new web portal!  Please login to the URCAP web portal through Google using your UNCA account.

**This deadline is only for students who have NOT presented/published at the Spring 2024 University Symposium or Journal.  Students who present at the Spring 2024 Symposium and publish in the Spring 2024 Journal will automatically receive “University Research Scholar”.  If a student presents and/or publishes elsewhere or previously, the Faculty Mentor (not the student) should contact with documentation of the presentation and/or publication and review process, if unclear.

***If you wish to be considered for the appellation of University Research Scholar (URS), and have this designation printed on your transcript, late submissions of your final Journal paper will no longer be considered – even if already in the printed graduation booklet!