March 3: Faculty Driven Summer Grants AND SCARF Nominations

March 17: Student Driven Summer Grants (extended) AND Intent to Submit to Journal.

March 17: Faculty Recommendation Form for Student Driven Summer Grants

March 24: Students Apply to Present at Symposium Deadline

April 3: Journal Papers from students due to URP to distribute to reviewers

April 7: Symposium Schedule is available live online

April 12: Journal Reviews from faculty due back to URP to distribute to students

April 14: Student Creative Activity and Research Forum (SCARF) 5-7:00pm, Highsmith Union, Mountain View Room

April 18: Spring Symposium, various locations around campus

April 21: Final Journal papers from students due to URP.  Faculty mentor must also endorse that revision requests have been addressed and the mentor supports the paper for publication.  Faculty mentors may additionally nominate the students for the research scholar designation provided they also presented their work (at the Symposium or elsewhere). Paper and/or presentation may have occurred in a previous semester.   

April 21: by 3pm All Research Scholar approvals must be submitted to URP.