Information on Grants for Research and Creative Activity Projects

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Research and creative activity grants are intended to further the aims and objectives of undergraduate research at UNC Asheville; to increase the research and creative activity skills of our students; to provide increased opportunities for learning; to encourage professional relationships between faculty and students; and, to advance the body of knowledge in the student’s chosen field.

The Undergraduate Research Program offers the following grants both in the academic year and summer session for students and faculty to apply to.


Academic Year Grants

Student Academic Year Grant (SAY Grant) 

Students may apply for a SAY Grant to support research or creative activity projects needing supplies/materials or travel costs related to completing the project during the relevant semester.  Please use the following template as a guide to create your grant proposal.  There is no maximum award, but the project budget must be well documented with other supporting funding sources listed.  Total awards will be subject to budgetary constraints.

As part of your SAY Grant application, your Faculty Mentor must provide a recommendation of support in order for your application to be considered.  Please note that this recommendation must be received by Thursday 9/21, or your Fall 2023 SAY Grant application will not be considered.    


Faculty Academic Year Grant (FAY Grant) 

Faculty may apply for a FAY Grant to support research or creative activity projects needing supplies/materials during the relevant semester.  Projects need not be imminent and with a specific student, but use of award money must be well described with other sources of funding and existing supplies listed in the application.  Please use the following template as a guide to create your grant proposal.  There is no maximum award, but total awards will be subject to budgetary constraints.  Please note that Fall 2023 FAY Grant applications are due Thursday 9/21.


*Funding decisions for both Fall 2023 SAY and FAY grants will be sent out the week of October 02, 2023.*


Summer Grants (Deadlines for application will be in March 2024, exact dates TBA)

Student Driven Proposals (SUM Grants)

Students will apply for project funding with a faculty mentor that includes a stipend for the student(s) and faculty, as well as supply costs.  Proposals may include more than one student.  If multiple students are on a project, faculty mentors will determine how much each student will receive commensurate with their time spent on the project.  Student and faculty stipends must be requested, they will not be awarded automatically.

Student Stipend(s): $3000 per student with a maximum of $6000 per project.

Faculty Mentor Stipend: $1000


Faculty Driven Proposals (FUM Grants)

Faculty may propose a project, and the project description will then be sent to all students who may apply for that project.  Proposing faculty will decide which students, who apply for the project, are accepted.  Projects will receive a maximum of $6000 in stipend money to be distributed at the faculty mentor’s discretion amongst the students.  Projects that indicate how early career students may be included are exceptionally welcome.  Student and faculty stipends must be requested, they will not be awarded automatically.

Student Stipend(s): $3000 with a maximum of $6000 per project

Faculty Stipend: $1000


Supply Budget

We recognize different types of research have significantly different supply funding needs.  Therefore, no predetermined limit on supplies will be provided.  However, please only apply for what is needed and not covered by other funding sources; so, we can do our best to fund supplies for all awarded projects.  We anticipate spending an average of $1000 to $1500 in supplies per project.  Budgets detailing exactly what supplies will be used for and priced out ahead of time are more likely to be funded.  Please also identify any other sources of funding, or potential sources of funding in proposals.  Proposals that have higher supply needs are more likely to be funded if proposers demonstrate meaningful attempts to obtain additional funding.  Requests for purchases must be submitted by May 31, 2024.


Additional Information

Faculty may apply to mentor multiple projects (both student and faculty-driven), but will receive at most, only one summer stipend award.  In the interest of distributing funding as much as possible, it may be necessary to limit the number of awards per faculty member.

Any currently enrolled UNC Asheville student is eligible to apply; however, preference is given to full-time students.  Students who have been past recipients may reapply; however, priority will be given to first-time applicants.

Please remember the deciding committee is made up of faculty from across campus, so proposals and budgets should be written in a way that someone completely out of the field can understand the proposal, significance, objectives, and budget.

Students who receive awards are required to present at one of the UNCA Undergraduate Research Symposia (held in November and April), publish in the UNC Asheville Journal of Undergraduate Research or another publication outlet, and submit a final budget report.

Important:  Receiving monetary awards to support undergraduate research travel and conference attendance may necessitate a reduction in other financial aid the student receives.  Such awards may also be reported to the Internal Revenue Service in the recipient’s annual Tuition Statement (Form 1098-T).  It is the responsibility of the recipient, in consultation with his/her/their tax advisor, to determine how much, if any, of the awards are taxable income to the recipient.


Examples of Successful Past Proposals

Fall/Spring Proposals

Summer Proposals