Presentation Travel Grants


Travel Grants (Ongoing application through portal) (T Grant)


The Undergraduate Research Presentation Travel Grant (T Grant) is available for students traveling to present research results at discipline-specific and undergraduate research conferences.  Total award maximum per year is $750.  Documentation of an accepted abstract is needed for final reimbursement, but students may apply in advance and supply the documentation at a later date.  Applications must be submitted at least four weeks in advance of travel and receipt reimbursement must be submitted within two weeks of return from travel.  For applications to be considered, the student’s Faculty Mentor must provide a recommendation of support.  The T Grant award may go towards ground and air travel, lodging, per diem, registration, and poster printing.  


Departments/Programs wishing to take several students to a conference/meeting may apply for travel funding, documenting the total number of students attending and the total number of students presenting.  The total request must not exceed $750 x the number of students presenting.  This funding would be in lieu of presenting students applying individually.  For example, if two students are presenting and three non-presenting students also want to attend a conference/meeting, the Department/Program may request $1500 from URP ($750 x 2 students presenting = $1500), but the presenting students will NOT also receive $750 for their travel via a student T Grant application.  Requests must be made, at minimum, four weeks prior to travel.  Upon receiving receipts, funds will be transferred to department accounts for departments to handle reimbursement of students and faculty.