About Our Students

"Undergraduate research made me responsible for exploring, justifying, conducting, and presenting projects. These responsibilities enabled personal development while leading to results fit for publication. The process also led to many opportunities to present my research in exciting conferences across the country." - '14 Corey McClintock, Chemistry/Literature

"Undergradute research allowed me to fine tune my academic skills independently, with one-on-one contact with the research advisor. It also provided me with opportunities I never thought were possible. Presenting my research at numerous conferences was a fantastic experience. Many future employers are very impressed with students coming from a research background." - '14 Thomas Lovejoy-Henkel, Management and Accountancy

"Undergraduate research helped me formulate arguments based on evidence, allowing me to better communicate within my field." - '14 Chelsea Bearsford, History

"Undergradute research allowed me to utilize my education at UNC Asheville to the fullest extent. All of my critical thinking and analytical tools were put to use in asking important questions about the modern world and producing pertinent and creative research that I was truly proud of." - '14 Alex Robinson, Religion

"Undergraduate research at UNC Asheville helped me explore the topic of violence against women - specifically how Helpmate, a domestic violence shelter in Asheville, helps victims become survivors everyday and how men can prevent violence against women." - '14 Kenton Bell, History

"Undergraduate research has assisted me in the ability to hypothesize, conduct, and analyze data to not only gain research experience, but communicate with the greater Asheville community and scholars from UNC Asheville and other institutions." - '14 Page Johnston

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